Science vs It’s CREATOR

This post takes a more formal standpoint due to the controversy of the concept and the very vicious views that the two side of the debate stereotypically take. But I hope that this provides reassurance and confidence to disciples seeking answers and hope while making their way through the struggles and obstacles that college throws at their faith.


Friendship in College: It Is Okay to Say No

  I am the worst at reaching out and communicating with people, and I know I need to work on it. This doesn’t help when you move out of your hometown knowing almost everyone, and come to a university with thousands of students that you don’t know at all. So of course, when I began … Continue reading Friendship in College: It Is Okay to Say No

A Lot Too Much

Not Alone A lot of the time, the amount of things going on in my day leave me overwhelmed by the time I finally drop my backpack on my dorm room floor. It seems like there is no stability, no consistency in the amount of time and effort I use from day to day to … Continue reading A Lot Too Much

Making Time

If you're anything like me, then you know what it's like to never get anything truly accomplished. My day gets so crammed with classes, studying, and making time for the little things like food and a few hints of sleep here and there... That none of my activities get the full 100% that they deserve. … Continue reading Making Time